Be part of the Political Revolution

Send messages to Bernie supporters to help turnout support for local events.


What is Text for Bernie?

If we stand together, if we build a political revolution, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.
Senator Bernie Sanders

Every week, there are hundreds of events occuring across the country in support of Bernie, but local volunteers may not know about them. Texting for Bernie lets supporters know about important events that are happening in their communities!

The more active we are within our communities, the more likely that Bernie will get the support he needs to win the election and the Presidency!

How does it work?


Download the App

In order to send messages to supporters you will need to download the app. The application allows you to send messages without exposing your personal phone number or displaying the phone number of the person you are messaging. Privacy and anonymity are protected!


Sign Up For Shifts

Once you have downloaded the application, you will need to sign up for a shift. Each shift includes around 100 messages to send to Bernie supporters in a specific area about events near them. You can sign up for multiple shifts, too!


Send Messages

Communicate with Bernie supporters and turn them out for events in their area! You will provide information and encouragement to get as many people involved in our political revolution as possible! #feelthebern

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